The meaning of "who am I?"

Over the past few months, I have been switching gears from our 2017 season to 2018.

Last year, our season came together around the theme of Alone/Together. As I began to assemble the 2018 artistic team, the theme of identity began to emerge.

How am I shaped by the people, habits, and physical environment around me?

How am I shaped by generations long gone through genetics or cultural traditions?

How do we differentiate from one another? Do we shape one another at the same time?

Big thoughts, but that's what I like.

Right now, while juggling these ideas in my mind, I'm also coordinating the many logistics of our 2018 season. This includes recruiting our lead choreographers and composers and our band and dance ensemble, plus the many other artists we'll work with this year. I'm also talking with our many partner organizations to finalize dates and locations for our spring season kickoff, our Inside/Out events, and our fall concert series.

Who am I? Am I a Latino dancer? An arts administrator? A gay man? A creator of collaborations and nurturer of talent?

Yes. All this and more. And I can't wait to dive into this theme in the coming year.

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