Coming together...

This month is all about checking things off my list so we can get back to the studio next month.

I've finalized our season kickoff (see ABOUT), our dance ensemble is nearly complete, our composers are already at work making music and our choreographers are ready to go. Our Inside/Out events are starting to fall into place, and we've nearly got our fall concert series lined up.

This is the point each year where I feel like I'm onstage just before a performance. The audience is just starting to arrive, and they're milling around in the lobby. The artists are backstage warming up, dressed and ready to go. The technicians are at the controls, with lists, tracks, and computer programs at their fingertips. It's all about to happen.

This year I'll be posting to this blog about once each month to give you some additional behind-the-scenes insight into what we're doing and how.

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