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As an artist and a leader of an artistic company, I take very seriously my responsibility to my community – be that the community gathered for a single performance, the larger Chicago community and Midwest region, or the human community as a whole. I think it is an artists’ responsibility to serve as a unifying voice and a moral compass. My job, the work of my life, is to reflect on the world and the challenges we face as human beings, and to create art that offers artists and non-artists the opportunity to do the same. They can consider my perspective and bring their own to the work. My work can bring them together with ideas and people that expand their world view and offer a welcoming space to be vulnerable, curious and compassionate.

I also take very seriously the importance of this work right now. The United States is not the only country that is currently extremely polarized and where people are living with a great deal of anxiety. While this is unfortunate, this situation also reveals that we – worldwide – are sharing a human experience. As an artist, I can look at why we are feeling this way, how we got where we are, and how we might get out of it. My work can help people pause to think about this too, and together we might find a better path forward.

This year, as we celebrate #CRDT20th, our 20th Anniversary as a company, and undertake Inside/Out for the fifth year, I realize Cerqua Rivera is primed for this moment. We have been committed to diversity since our founding. This brings a range of artistry, professional experience, personal histories and heritage, and many other qualities and perspectives to our art. We are able to build richly complex yet universally accessible work that really touches people. We offer different ways to experience our art in several different locations, to meet you where you are and how you like to join us. We are truly a community, and together we can change the world.

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