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For 20 years Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre has been creating a new art, a new form. No one else integrates original music composition and new dance in a theme-driven season. The company’s work is rooted in its founders’ vision of what art can do - gather people to contemplate the factors that unite us and the differences that add strength and complexity to our society.


Cerqua Rivera presents an annual year-long creative process with monthly Inside/Out events. At Inside/Out, the company’s artists perform and discuss work in progress in a semi-casual setting. Audiences get a glimpse into art-in-the-making and their input fuels the works’ development. The season culminates in a series of fully produced concerts each fall. The power and energy of the company’s full 10-member dance ensemble and 10-piece jazz band in concert leave audiences breathless.

Our founding mission remains our focus: to fuse dance, music, and visual art to explore and celebrate contemporary society.

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