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Your gift will enable us to reach thousands of people this year with thrilling, unique art experiences.


With our intense focus on personal narratives, the combined talents of our diverse collective of artists, and the multiple artistic languages with which we communicate, Cerqua Rivera engages audiences in magnetic human stories at once new and deeply familiar.


Our season extends spring through fall, culminating in a fall concert series where the year’s new work debuts in full production, performed by our 8-member Dance Ensemble and 10-piece Jazz Band.


We produce an interactive summer series called Inside/Out, perform and provide workshops in community and school settings, and perform our repertoire in concert.

Our mission: To use multiple artistic forms (primarily dance and music) and the combined talents of our diverse company to convey intense personal narratives. We are proudly and visibly multicultural, exploring the intersection of heritage, culture, and identity through high quality art. Our unique culture of collaboration and diversity fosters magnetic connections between artists and audiences.

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