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  • Why are you called Cerqua Rivera?
    We were founded in 1999 by Joe Cerqua, our resident composer, Wilfredo Rivera, our Artistic Director & CEO, and Matt Lamb. The company was named after Joe and Wil. Our name is pronounced Cerqua SIR kwuh Rivera riv AIR uh Dance Theatre
  • Are you a BIPOC company?
    Yes. Wilfredo Rivera, a native of Honduras, is our Cofounder, Artistic Director, & CEO. He recruits and sustains a multicultural company, with artists of color and women in most leadership roles as well as equitably represented in our performing company and artistic team behind the scenes. He also oversees all aspects of the company, including determining and curating artistic content and partnerships and strategically planning programming to reach a diverse audience.
  • When is your next concert?
    To see our calendar of upcoming events and performances, click on TICKETS & EVENTS.
  • I want to make a donation. Will my gift really help?
    Yes! Your donation will help in several ways: - You will help Chicago remain a great place to live and work by helping us pay our artists. For our city to continue to enjoy an exciting and world class arts and culture scene, artists need to be able to live and build careers here. You can help make that happen. - You will make compelling, engaging art performances available to thousands of people. Every year, dozens of people tell us, "This is just what I needed." They were describing a joyous, thought-provoking, beautiful experience with live art. Your donation can help make these possible. - You will help us spark conversations and thought about important ideas. Each year we tackle big themes shaping our community. We bring audiences together to not only experience this art work but also to discuss and contribute to it. You can help make this important work possible. To make a gift online, click DONATE at the top of this page. If you prefer to give by mail or phone, please click CONTACT for our information. Thank you!
  • I am an artist. How can I work with the company?
    Go to CONTACT, send us an email with your information, and we'll be in touch. Please note that we generally choose our company over the winter for our annual season that starts in spring. We often have open auditions for the Dance Ensemble in January. The best way to stay in the know is to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and / or Twitter. @cerquarivera
  • Do you rent your facility?
    We are a performing arts company, not a performing arts facility. Despite our name, we do not have a theatre space for rent.
  • I'm interested in dance classes or dance instruction. Do you provide that?
    Our Company Classes are normally open to professional and pre-professional dancers during our season. Click TICKETS & EVENTS for the schedule. We generally don't offer classes during the winter, between our seasons. Or, go to CONTACT and let us know what you're interested in. We might be able to help. For example, we can provide arts education programming in both music and dance on a contract basis.
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